What our customers are saying

We get a lot of compliments from people from all over the world telling us we make the best bagel they have ever eaten. East Coast natives included! Here’s a few of the comments we have received from our customers.

“Your bagels are the best I have EVER eaten. Thank you for being here” Carol J, July 2020

“Best bagels in Hawai’i”- T.D., July 18th, 2020

“We stopped and got bagels at this great stand in the Sunday art market near Hilo.  As good and fresh as bagels get, reasonably priced and great toppers.  The owners were friendly and funny, and we ran into them later in the week at an event they were catering and got to try even more of their delicious offerings” – Ed P, March 2020

“These nice people know how to do bagels. So good I need to eat them plain. Since I left the East Coast 40 years ago, I’m always on the lookout for good bagels. Yo Bagels have just the right chewiness to the outside, and are not too heavy on the inside. I just finished a divine rosemary sea salt. Find them at Captain Cook and Keauhou farmers market and stock up. I’d fill my suitcase up and bring them to Seattle if I had room.” Susan S, November 2019

“I had the sea salt one with cream cheese, onion and avocado and I swear I’m still thinking about it!” Jamie A, October 2019

“My wife had to listen to me tell her that these are best bagels I have had since we had some in NY some 25 years ago. But the truth is, I think yours are better.  Awesome.  I have never raved about cream cheese and bagel before.  Thank you.” Mike A, September 2019

“Simply the best authentic East Coast style bagel in Hawaii. Joe and Aileen are dynamite people, real bagel maven’s, they have perfected the craft of bagel making.” David C, May 2019

“Just wanted to tell you the bagels were F..ing DELICIOUS! As close to a NY bagel as I have ever had in Hawaii and maybe even the entire country west of Manhattan.
I detect a smidgin of caraway in the everything, great flavors, nice texture, slightly crisp crust, chewy dough, not too fat, just right. I tried them fresh and toasted. Excellent product, keep it up!” Dave, May 2019