We get asked a lot of questions. Here’s a place to look for some answers.

Do your bagels contain eggs? Milk? Dairy?

Our bagels are vegan (no dairy, eggs, milk, etc..) except for the cheese bagels, the jalapeƱo cheddar bagels, and the honey rosemary & sea salt bagels (honey is not considered vegan to many people). Those flavors are produced separately to reduce any cross contamination.

Do your bagels contain nuts?

No, our bagels do not contain nuts. However, we do not work in an allergen free kitchen and there are nuts on site.

What’s the best way to store Yo Bagels?

Do not store your bagels in the refrigerator! We recommend freezing your bagels as soon as possible. Freeze them the day you get them for the best quality. You can slice them the day of purchase and put them into the freezer for easy toasting. If you will be eating your bagels within 48 hours of purchase, you can usually leave them on the counter. Hawaii has high humidity year round due to the glorious pacific ocean surrounding our islands. That humidity can affect your bagels more than it would in a more moderate or temperature controlled environment. You can leave your bagels in a paper bag or put them in plastic for a little extra protection from the high humidity in Hawaii. Our favorite place to store the bagels is inside the oven (turned off of course!) or in the microwave. Both of these spaces are very dry and are great for keeping your bagels for 1-2 days after purchase. But, I still think a first day frozen & toasted bagel is better than a 2 days sitting on the counter & toasted bagel.

How do I thaw and/or reheat a frozen bagel?

You can leave a bagel on the counter for about an hour to thaw. I usually just heat a pre-sliced bagel in the toaster oven straight from frozen. Pro Tip: Make sure your toaster/toaster oven is hot before you put the bagel in.

Why did my bagels get hard when I left them on the counter or put them in the fridge?

Again, do not store our bagels in the refrigerator! Our bagels contain no preservatives so the warm weather, humidity and tropical climate can affect our product more than bagels purchased from a supermarket. The bagels will harden if left on the counter for more than 48 hours or if stored in the refrigerator. The refrigerator will dehydrate the bagels, so do not store bagels in the refrigerator unless you want a few bagel shaped Frisbees to throw at the wild pigs digging up your yard. Freezing is best!

Why did you start your company?

Joe and I are both from born and raised NJ/NY family life. That means bagel Sundays, bagel brunches, bagels after swim practice, bagels when you ace your math test, bagels when no one feels like making breakfast, bagels to take hiking…. the list goes on! Bagels are a big deal over there! We have strong memories and attachments to this wonderful gluten filled product and we didn’t want to give them up when we moved to Hawaii in 2014. After talking to our customers, it seems like a lot of you have strong opinions about bagels too!

What is it about a bagel?

We think it’s the culture and the memory. Bagels are a quintissential part of an east coast up bringing and they are typically eaten on the weekends or during time spent with family. It is still a special treat to sit down at our parent’s house and lounge around in our pajamas while someone (thanks Joe!) runs out to pick up the bagels. I make up eggs and pancakes, my mom yells at the dogs, my dad plays with the the grandkids, and my sisters set up the table. The arrival of the bagels brings it all together. It’s our favorite kind of breakfast and we hope that you can share those moments with your family here on the Big Island.