Bagel Updates 6/8/2020

6/8/20 Updates: Bagels are available on Saturdays only.

For pickup with the Keauhou Online Market: Bagels can be ordered through the Keauhou Farmers Market Online Store for pickup in Honalo. The online store opens for orders on Tuesday at 12pm and closes on Thursday at 12pm. Bagels can be selected in quantities of 2. If you would like a dozen everything bagels, just order 6x packs of 2 everything bagels. You order will be packed as a dozen in a single bag, just like at the farmers market.

Ordering for Pickup at Magics Beach Grill in Kona: We are offering a pickup location for bagels, sandwiches, and cream cheese in the parking lot of Magics Beach Grill in Kailua Kona from 9-10am on Saturdays. No food will be prepared on site, all sandwiches must be preordered. For best availability, please place your order by Thursday at 7pm. We will do our best to accommodate all orders placed after Thursday at 7pm.

How to order for pickup in Kona: Send a message through our contact form or by phone (text or call) to 973-813-2033. Yes, you can order a single bagel!

For sandwiches, please let us know the sandwich you would like, which bagel you want it on, and what kind of spread. Example order: I’ll have an Adam’s Apple on a salt bagel with plain cream cheese.

Send a message including:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your order
    • EX: My name is John and I’ll take 2 everything, 2 plain, 1 sesame and 1 poppy. I’ll also have an Adam’s apple on a salt bagel with plain cream cheese. My number is 999-999-9999.

Prices & Flavors

Bagels are $3.00 Each, 2 Bagels for $5.00, or $30.00 per dozen

6 Bagels with 6oz bagel shop cream cheese $20.00

Bagel Shop Cream cheese: Plain or Veggie $5.00 for 6oz.

Bagel Shop Sandwich Spreads:

  • Plain cream cheese, double whipped for a creamy and luscious texture.
  • House Veggie cream cheese, double whipped with carrot & green onion.
  • Housemade Lebanese Hummus, ultra smooth & velvety made with organic chickpeas (Vegan) ($8.00 for 6oz)

Ordering bagels as of 3/23/2020

It is our intention to continue our business though the pandemic in order to provide locally sourced food to our community. Due to the rapidly changing nature of our circumstances, please check back every week for updates on delivery & pickup options. Mahalo for your support.

As of 3/23/20, Bagels are available for pickup or delivery on Saturdays only.

Pickup: For pickup, bagels can be ordered through the Keauhou Farmers Market Online Store for pickup in Honalo.

Delivery: For deliveries, bagels can be ordered directly through us by phone or email. We’ll be offering delivery service on bagels, sandwiches & cream cheese on Saturday March 29th for Kona through Honaunau. See our menu and flavors below. For delivery orders, please place your orders by Thursday at 9pm for direct deliveries. We will try to accommodate all orders, but we are able to guarantee your selected flavors if you place your order by Thursday.

Current Bagel Flavors

  • Everything
  • Plain
  • Poppy
  • Sesame
  • Onion
  • Cinnamon Raisin
  • Sea Salt
  • Cheese
  • Jalapeño Cheddar
  • Honey Rosemary & Sea Salt


Bagels are $3.00 Each, 2 Bagels for $5.00, or $30.00 per dozen

Cream cheese: $5.00 for 6oz.

  • Plain cream cheese, double whipped for a creamy and luscious texture
  • House Veggie, double whipped with carrot & green onion.

Market Updates

Aloha, due to the COVID-19 pandemic both the Keauhou Farmers Market & Pure Kona Green Market have shut down until further notice.

As of 3:30 pm on March 20th, the pop-up markets scheduled to take place at the location of Randy’s Huli Chicken in Kealakekua (across from Kona Boys) on Saturday and Sunday have been cancelled. If you were planning on picking up bagels this weekend please feel free to contact us for alternative options.

For the time being we will be participating the the Keauhou Farmers Market Online Market. Most all of the Keauhou Market vendors’ products will be available for purchase. Select your bagels, produce, honey, and more online. Prepay and pickup curbside at the Honalo Marshalling Yard – 79-1016 E Honalo Rd., Kailua-Kona, HI 96740. It is located just north of the Honalo junction and just south of the Harold H. Higashihara Park on the mauna side of the highway.

We will continue to update as our business evolves through this transition. We will do our best to continue baking in order to offer locally produced food to our island community for as long as it is feasible.

Mahalo for your support as we all navigate through this difficult time together.

Yo Bagels at the Saturday Keauhou Market!

Aloha Everybody!

We have been extra busy in the kitchen working on all sorts of bagel projects. In 2017 we were blessed to offer bagels through eight different locations, including our usual Captain Cook Sunday Farmer’s Market. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our strong community here on the island working to support each other as small, local, and sustainable business. Making the best bagels in Hawaii is a lot of work, but it is made easier with wonderful customers and collaborators.

This year we are moving into 2018 with a new pop-up on Saturdays at the Keauhou Farmers Market from 8am-12pm at the Keauhou Shopping Plaza. This market is located in front of Long’s Drugs and features a diverse group of farmers, makers, fisherman, butchers, and more with ample produce and delicious food.

Join us as support small, support local, and support farmers & community here on the Big Island.

Where to Find Yo Bagels!

It’s been a great year for Yo Bagels! We started offering bagels on the Big Island of Hawaii in August 2016 and we have more than tripled our production. A lot of people now ask us, “Where else can I find Yo Bagels!?”

We often sell-out, so feel free to contact us to pre-order your bagels and sandwiches.

Here is the current list (Updated 2/26/19):

  • Saturdays at the Keauhou Farmers Market at the Keauhou Shopping Plaza by Long’s Drugs, a great market featuring ample local produce, meat, fish, desserts, and more.
  • Sundays at the Pure Kona Green Market in Captain Cook: A super local Farmer’s Market, a favorite spot for South Kona Sundays.
  • Holuakoa Cafe in historic Holualoa Village. On the slopes of Hualalai is the artists’ paradise of Holualoa. Filled with galleries, boutique shops, and tropical vibes, you can sneak away for a cup of Kona Coffee and relax at the Holuakoa Cafe.

How to Make the Best Bagels in Hawaii

Want to know what it takes to make the best bagels in Hawaii?

Start with the bakers:

Aileen and I are from New Jersey and New York, respectively, and neither of us will hesitate to tell you our home states are, collectively, the bagel capital of the world. We founded Yo Bagels with a vision for what the perfect bagel should look and taste like based on years of experience searching out the best bagels on the east coast.

Next comes the recipe:

All bagels are made from the sames basic ingredients: flour, water, salt, and sugar, but the way those ingredients are combined makes all the difference in the world. Yo Bagels are made in the New York/New Jersey style, but with a few secret touches that make them uniquely awesome.

Then there’s process:

Every bagel we make starts it’s life at least 36 hours before it is baked. This gives our dough the time it needs to develop its characteristic flavor and texture. Because we know fresh is best, we start baking before the crack of dawn on market days so our customers get their bagels hot out of the oven. We divide our dough and then individually roll and shape each bagel by hand. Our bagels are then dropped in boiling water to develop their signature crust, topped with our custom seed blends, and baked until golden and delicious.

Sure, you could settle for other bagels, but why settle for less? Yo Bagels are available every Sunday at the Pure Kona Green Market at the Amy B.H. Greenweel Ethnobotanical Garden in Captain Cook, daily at the new and excellent ‘Iwa Cafe in Kealakekua, and whenever and wherever you like by special order.

Yo Bagels, serving up the best bagels on the Big Island!

All the Bagels

Aloha Bagel Friends and Fans!

We are doing great at the Sunday Market in Captain Cook. The past few weekends have been very busy and we have been selling out by 12:00!! Mahalo to all our of friends and customers who have continued to support us on our small business journey. We are so grateful for the people in South Kona who love our bagels!

We have some exciting news over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

We are not going to be at the market on Sunday 3/5/17, and Sunday 3/12/17. But we will be back on 3/26/16.


Bagels for 2016

Aloha Bagel Aficionados!

Tomorrow, 12/4/16, is our absolute last bagel day of 2016 before we leave for vacation. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in January. But we will be gone for a whole month! Come by the Pure Kona Green Market for you’re last bite of bagel goodness until after the new year.



Holualoa Stroll Success

Aloha! We had a great experience being part of this year’s Kona Coffee Festival. We pitched our bagel tent at the Holualoa Stroll last Saturday where we got to meet heaps of new customers. Joe and I had to start extra early to get all the bagels ready for the event. It was all worth it because we sold out of everything before 2:00 pm. We are so thankful that we get to share our product with residents and visitors to the Big Island of Hawaii.

We followed the Stroll with a great day at the Pure Kona Green Market in Captain Cook last Sunday. We can’t wait to be there tomorrow with another batch of the best bagels on the Big Island.

Come visit from 9-2, we’ll have all your favorites and a few surprises.


Yo Bagels! at the Holualoa Stroll

Aloha Bagel Friends!

We had a great Sunday this past week at the Pure Kona Green Market in Captain Cook with the best bagels in Hawaii. We sold out of our fan favorite, Rosemary Honey and Sea Salt early in the day. We also made a few new flavors like Salty Pretzel (perfect for sandwiches), and Chocolate Chip (kids love these!).

We want to let everyone know that Yo Bagels! will be at the Holualoa Stroll this coming Saturday and we are stoked! Come see us on November 5th in Holualoa and on November 6th in Captain Cook! We have the best bagels on the Big Island and we hope to see you there!