Bagel Updates 6/8/2020

6/8/20 Updates: Bagels are available on Saturdays only.

For pickup with the Keauhou Online Market: Bagels can be ordered through the Keauhou Farmers Market Online Store for pickup in Honalo. The online store opens for orders on Tuesday at 12pm and closes on Thursday at 12pm. Bagels can be selected in quantities of 2. If you would like a dozen everything bagels, just order 6x packs of 2 everything bagels. You order will be packed as a dozen in a single bag, just like at the farmers market.

Ordering for Pickup at Magics Beach Grill in Kona: We are offering a pickup location for bagels, sandwiches, and cream cheese in the parking lot of Magics Beach Grill in Kailua Kona from 9-10am on Saturdays. No food will be prepared on site, all sandwiches must be preordered. For best availability, please place your order by Thursday at 7pm. We will do our best to accommodate all orders placed after Thursday at 7pm.

How to order for pickup in Kona: Send a message through our contact form or by phone (text or call) to 973-813-2033. Yes, you can order a single bagel!

For sandwiches, please let us know the sandwich you would like, which bagel you want it on, and what kind of spread. Example order: I’ll have an Adam’s Apple on a salt bagel with plain cream cheese.

Send a message including:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your order
    • EX: My name is John and I’ll take 2 everything, 2 plain, 1 sesame and 1 poppy. I’ll also have an Adam’s apple on a salt bagel with plain cream cheese. My number is 999-999-9999.

Prices & Flavors

Bagels are $3.00 Each, 2 Bagels for $5.00, or $30.00 per dozen

6 Bagels with 6oz bagel shop cream cheese $20.00

Bagel Shop Cream cheese: Plain or Veggie $5.00 for 6oz.

Bagel Shop Sandwich Spreads:

  • Plain cream cheese, double whipped for a creamy and luscious texture.
  • House Veggie cream cheese, double whipped with carrot & green onion.
  • Housemade Lebanese Hummus, ultra smooth & velvety made with organic chickpeas (Vegan) ($8.00 for 6oz)